The DTX-40 module

This modular data center approach to data center development allows step by step expansion as and when required. 

Leaflet DTX-40

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The DTX-40 module are pre-fabricated units, each consisting of 4 or 5 separate steel frames with all technical components like cooling, fire suppression and UPS on top. The four basic frames together hold 32 racks. The optional fifth frame holds an extra 4 to 10 racks.

prefab datacenter

Picture 1: IT layer with 5 frames in exploded view. The fifth frame in the middle holding 8 extra racks.

The IT layer houses all your IT equipment and includes:

  • 32-42 rack cabinets of 46U each, 600 x 1000 mm
  • 225 kW IT power with a simultaneity factor of 0.7
  • Access control system (including camera surveillance)
  • Lighting
  • Fire suppression system (including smoke detectors, flashing lights and reversing switch)
  • Building management system

data center racks

Picture 2: IT Layer with 5 frames put together.

Once installed, all components of the cooling system, fire suppression system, UPS and building management system are situated on the roof of the IT space (picture 3). This allows for maximum utilization of available floor space. The various components are mounted on 4 seperate skids in order to be able to transport them easily.

After production the module is tested according to protocol and NEN 1010 inspected.

After inspection the skids and the frames are shipped to the client together.

modular data center

Picture 3: secondary equipment on top of the pre-fabricated IT layer, 5 frame configuration


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